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Three sisters

Three sisters
Three sisters

I would call it one of the lucky moments, because I took this photo absolutely accidentally and unprepared, but I quite like the result.

Those were the times back in 2012 when I didn’t have a set of film cameras to shoot with and I just roamed streets with my digital Nikon D5100. The street I was walking down turned a bit at the place where I met those girls, and I didn’t see them until we were this close. I had my camera ready just in case and I took a quick shot “from the hip”. I didn’t even look at the preview right after the shot and only at home I realized how nicely it all played up: composition and emotion. I deliberately fancy the middle girl’s face, she looked right into the camera and her pose shows some pride I guess.

Whatever there might be in this picture I leave all the interpretation to you, the spectator.


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Thank you. I agree with you, and it’s also true that I’d never catch such a moment with my film camera. It’s all thank to automatics. Maybe I should buy a digital Leica. 🙂

I am one of four sisters and love this photograph for the creative interpretation it allows. I wonder if the style of dress mimics each woman’s personality? As I see it, the first and possibly the eldest appears priggish and guarded in her small granny glasses, tidy bowtie and sensible tweed? jacket. The middle, more bohemian in style with her direct gaze, wisps of hair blowing freely, flowing scarf and tiny bejeweled handbag and the last sister, perhaps a combination of the two with her dark combat boots and contrasting pristine white coat and handbag, bears a quiet yet determined expression. Would love to have met them to see if looks are in fact as they say deceiving or the mirror to the soul..

Thank you for your interpretation! Feels like a real analysis of their personalities))
I love that the picture allows so many variations of who and what they are. They might not be sisters at all, but does it really matter? 😉

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