Things you see when hiking in a desert


Olympus 35DC, Fujicolor Superia X-tra 800.
Elifaz, 2016.

One of the greatest leisure¬†activities we have in our desert is hiking. Because it’s scorchingly hot from June to September, it’s only in autumn and spring when we really can enjoy this. But when we do go out it is an amazing experience.

So many little things you can find while walking up a dried out stream, like this broken tree turned over by the water, probably, or the wind. Occasional antelope leaping away from you just because it didn’t expect to see you here (sorry, no image for that. It was too fast).

Or you can see some strange circles on the sand, get closer and realize it’s only this dry plant that is spun by the wind and goes round and round.

Another treat of such trips is the landscape itself. Looking at the mountains and the slopes, and such stone columns like these, you can admire the great creator nature is. And even more fascinating is the fact that this whole seemingly dead territory is actually full of life.

I wish I was a better nature photographer to be able to capture the beauty of it, but honestly speaking, you have to come and see it for yourself, so maybe it’s only for good.


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