Stuck with Svema Foto 400

Olympus 35DC, Kodak Tri-X 400. Eilat, 2017

Some time ago I bought a couple of rolls of Svema Foto 400 from FPP to try, and last week I was finally going to develop them. Now when it comes to developing times I always check with the massive dev chart or just google if it’s not there, and usually there’s no problem with finding it.

Not this time. I’ve spent a couple of hours for sure trying to find how long I should develop this film at box speed in HC-110 and didn’t succeed.

This wouldn’t be such an issue, hadn’t I put the film into the tank. I’ve got six more rolls in the queue so I would definitely find something to do while waiting for the answer.

Finally, after several days of waiting, I decided to risk it and go with someone’s suggestion to develop the film using the time for Rollei Retro 400S as it’s the film on a thin synthetic base quite similar to what Svema feels like.

I’ll be back with whatever results I get.

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