35mm Film Photo life

Did you miss me?

Kodak Eastman Double-X 200

Boy, it’s been a long time! I don’t even want to check how long, the number wouldn’t matter really, it’s the feeling.

And it feels like forever since I developed a roll of film. It also feels good to be doing it again after all this time. As much as “this time” seems long, it was also necessary and important for my photography journey.

We all know that it’s OK sometimes to take a break from whatever hobby you’ve had for a long time, and in photography, I’ve heard about it a lot. So I thought: fine, I don’t feel like taking pictures now, I’ll go and do something else. But then I also had those rolls of film that needed development, and the part that worried me the most was: I didn’t want to develop them as well. Even for the sakes of saving them, for the sakes of curiousity.

I tried to persuade myself, guilt trip into developing them but to no avail. Just couldn’t make myself. And yes, I could justify it by some life problems, lack of time or whatever, the truth was I simply didn’t want to. So, whenever I seemed to have a spare hour or evening I would do other stuff but not run to the developing tank.

Trying to find an explanation I started doubting my love for film photography and was both curious and afraid to learn the truth. But then I realized that it’s not about that, and I shouldn’t be really pushing myself. I decided to go with this flow and see where it will lead me.

Turns out I kinda made a circle and it led me back to developing film. This spontaneous sabbatical was probably necessary for me to start missing this whole film thing again. I needed some distance to see if I still felt the same for it, and it showed me I do. Now I’m going to get rid of that backlog of rolls and finally catch up with the present.

Mind you, this photo in the beginning is almost a year old!

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