Out of the grayscale

[UPD] If you received or read this post earlier, I’m very sorry for that as the post wasn’t ready and was published due to a technical issue.

A monster of clay. Lubitel 166B, Ilford Delta 3200. Ktura, 2017.

Remember that time I wanted to jump off the Lightroom hook? Well, I didn’t post an update but I did cancel the subscription after that and bought another software that suits my needs, as I thought.

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Same red flower, another camera


Lubitel 166, Kodak Portra 800 @400


Found a roll of Portra 800 I shot in spring and didn’t develop, so gave it a go.

The chemicals are still good despite not being used for more than three months, and the results are a-Okay for the expired film shot at half speed.



Mannequins. Lubitel 166B, Kodak T-Max 400

Found this frame in my Moscow archive. Always thought the people here looked strangely similar to the mannequins.

Tiny Horses


Lubitel 166B, Fuji Neopan 100

I remember calling this photo “Dreams of something bigger”, but as the time goes by I’m already not so sure if it fits. I’m more on the interpretation side these days.

Make whatever you want of it.

Tiny horses. Tiny rider.


It’s fun!

This week’s Photo Challenge is about fun, and as it turned out, finding a proper photo wasn’t an easy task at all. Maybe it’s me or maybe Moscow is not exactly a fun city, but most of my film photos (as well as digital ones) except for personal archives don’t qualify for the topic. Another criteria for choosing was “What is fun?”. I know this is the point of weekly challenges: they leave interpretation to you, and that’s why it was quite a challenge for me to pick up suitable photos. Well, this is what it’s all about, a challenge, right? And it is fun. Also:

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