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Film Photography and Video Games

I love video games. I don’t write about them here obviously but I’d say I love playing as much as taking pictures. Usually they compete for those bits of free time I get, and there’s no way I could do both at the same time. Unless I start taking photos in games, which is a […]

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Time wasted

I waste a lot of time doing things I shouldn’t be doing at the moment or at all. It may not be true for everyone but it is for me. With so many things happening in life it’s almost a crime to waste time. Yet I find myself doing exactly that more often than I’d […]

Digital Photo life

Shooting an event helped me love my digital camera again.

Sometimes good things come from an unexpected side. A couple of weeks ago the company I’m working for had an event for the kibbutz it’s based in, and I was asked to take some pictures despite the fact they had invited a photographer. I’m not a professional in the sense that I don’t do gigs […]

Photo life

For sale

I’ve been flirting with the idea of having my photos available for print orders for a while, and after some research I finally have a place for that.


Fuji channeling Polaroid?

You’ve probably seen this already so it’s not breaking news but there is a curious thing about it.

35mm Film

How moving to a place with no film supplies made me a better film photographer

Today, April 30, is exactly 4 years since I moved to Israel from Russia. It was a great decision and a huge change both to my life and my photography.