Time wasted

I waste a lot of time doing things I shouldn’t be doing at the moment or at all. It may not be true for everyone but it is for me.

With so many things happening in life it’s almost a crime to waste time. Yet I find myself doing exactly that more often than I’d like.

Sometimes I sit down with the intention to write a post or publish a picture and an hour later I’ve not even started. Sure there is a reason for that but nevertheless I can’t forgive myself for such bad time management.

I’ve looked at the date of my previous post and it was more than two weeks ago. I don’t have any regular schedule, true. And maybe I shouldn’t beat myself up for this but as much as I want to be consistent with posting I don’t find a lot of time for thinking it through and then actually writing.

And I don’t blame my life, work and family, no. I blame myself for wasting too much time on small things that look harmless for productivity but turn out to be huge sinkholes.

It affected my photography too. I’ve previously praised film for bringing so much joy when I develop and then scan it and it’s all true. But because of “the lack of time” I don’t get to processing film lately. Newly developed pictures used to be a great motivation to post frequently but not having developed a roll for a month or maybe even more I’ve got nothing to write home about. Except for occasional digital stuff which seems easier to process and share.

Being an optimist as I am, I still hope this is just a phase. We all have these moments after all. The struggle is hard but acknowledging the problem is a step into the right direction.

Same red flower, another camera


Lubitel 166, Kodak Portra 800 @400


Found a roll of Portra 800 I shot in spring and didn’t develop, so gave it a go.

The chemicals are still good despite not being used for more than three months, and the results are a-Okay for the expired film shot at half speed.


My Lucky Developments

One of my colleagues, having seen me with a film camera, brought his old Nikon F65 and gave me as a present. In a camera bag, I found an unexposed roll of Lucky film and decided to test the camera with this roll. As it hasn’t been refrigerated for a long time I expected it to be something completely different from what I’m used to seeing in my colour film. And oh boy different it was! As you can see below everything came out with this magenta colour tone, and some shots also have a kind of stripes across the frame. Thanks to modern technologies I can save those pictures a little bit in post processing, but anyway, that was fun.

My other roll in this batch was Fujifilm C200 and it turned out really good despite being an expired film as well. Now I don’t remember if I shot it as ISO 100 or at box speed, but I love the results. Check out some of them.

The experiment with the Lucky film got me thinking about cross-processing slide film in C-41 chemistry. I think I might give it a go once I get my hands on some cheap colour slide. Until then I’ve got my b&w film and chemicals waiting so I’ll be back with more home developed stuff to share here. Cheers!

Looking for the Emperor of the Dune

Hey, let’s have a break from street photography and enjoy some landscapes for a change. While I’m still waiting for the new b&w developer to arrive, I’ve processed a couple of expired-long-ago colour rolls of Fujifilm C200. Most of the photos are for the family archive but there were some pictures from one of our Saturday trips in winter that I’d like to share today.

Not far from Eilat there is a place called Kisuy Dunes which are sand dunes among the mountains. It’s a beautiful place, also great for hiking and kids to go wild. We heard about it before and one Saturday planned to go there. The day was sunny with some white clouds flying by and I decided to try shooting landscape and catching that light on the dunes, as the clouds were casting huge shadows here and there.

As I said, the film was quite old and I didn’t expect too much, but honestly, I was surprised by some of the photos though others are typical Fuji-green. I almost never do colour correction and other stuff to my film shots, so here they are shown as is.