Stuck with Svema Foto 400

Olympus 35DC, Kodak Tri-X 400. Eilat, 2017

Some time ago I bought a couple of rolls of Svema Foto 400 from FPP to try, and last week I was finally going to develop them. Now when it comes to developing times I always check with the massive dev chart or just google if it’s not there, and usually there’s no problem with finding it.

Not this time. I’ve spent a couple of hours for sure trying to find how long I should develop this film at box speed in HC-110 and didn’t succeed.

This wouldn’t be such an issue, hadn’t I put the film into the tank. I’ve got six more rolls in the queue so I would definitely find something to do while waiting for the answer.

Finally, after several days of waiting, I decided to risk it and go with someone’s suggestion to develop the film using the time for Rollei Retro 400S as it’s the film on a thin synthetic base quite similar to what Svema feels like.

I’ll be back with whatever results I get.

Out of the grayscale

[UPD] If you received or read this post earlier, I’m very sorry for that as the post wasn’t ready and was published due to a technical issue.

A monster of clay. Lubitel 166B, Ilford Delta 3200. Ktura, 2017.

Remember that time I wanted to jump off the Lightroom hook? Well, I didn’t post an update but I did cancel the subscription after that and bought another software that suits my needs, as I thought.

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A photo of two people sitting next to a shop window with mannequins

What about those mannequins anyway?

The juxtaposition of people and mannequins is quite a popular trope. After all, there's a lot of symbolism as well as parallelism when you put a real person next to a plastic human-shape object. We've seen it many times in many places, not only photography of course, and mannequins were even used to scare us in one of the episodes of Doctor Who, as I remember now. But anyway, it's not my point.

The point, however, is that I'm guilty of using that trope too, and in case of this photo life just threw this chance at me to take. Funny, though, that I've posted another photo of people and these same mannequins some time ago. In both pictures, the people are kinda strange looking in some either work or just dirty clothes, while the mannequins are all slick, clean and finely dressed. It's like as if they look at us reproachfully and say: "Hey, get yourself some clean dress already!"

Street Frames

One of my new year resolutions this year was to start printing my photos and I’ve done it as described here.

But somewhere in the back of my mind, there was an ambition to make a photo book. And today, after long hours (and days) of selecting, reviewing and putting everything together I’m proud to present the resulting book called “Street Frames”.

It is a collection of my favourite street photos I’ve made since I picked up my first film camera back in 2012. The project I was talking about in my article on Emulsive has also made its way into the book.

Following some good advice from my fellow blogger Yuri, I’m going to use the printed copy as my portfolio and maybe will be able to organize a small exhibition here in my area. For anyone who may also be interested in the book, it’s available through Blurb both in print and PDF.