Fuji channeling Polaroid?

You’ve probably seen this already so it’s not breaking news but there is a curious thing about it.

35mm Film Personal favourites

Red on Blue

Recently I’ve finally started to develop colour film at home. Having bought the chemicals several months ago I couldn’t get it going, you know, I had to make the chemicals from powder concentrates and for that I had to bring water to a certain temperature and in order to do that I had to warm water… […]

6x6 Film

Tiny Horses

  I remember calling this photo “Dreams of something bigger”, but as the time goes by I’m already not so sure if it fits. I’m more on the interpretation side these days. Make whatever you want of it. Tiny horses. Tiny rider.  

35mm Behind the photo Film Lucky moments Personal favourites


This photo is special to me, though it’s far from perfect. Almost two years ago, when I only started taking pictures, I was very impressed by the works of some true street photographers, like Matt Stuart or David Gibson to name a few.  All those cunning, funny or miraculously lucky moments captured by the photographers […]