The Camera That’s Always with Me

At the swimming pool. Nikon F3, expired Fujifilm 800

Like many photographers out there I have several cameras. As I shoot film the majority is vintage cameras of the yesteryear. Once in a while I decide to take one of them and shoot for some time, then I choose another one and so on. But there is one camera that’s always with me.

This camera has literally seen all my photos, the good and the bad ones. It is with me all the time and most importantly it is always ready to shoot. No matter where I am and what is going on, if I see a picture, bam! goes my camera and the photo is taken.

I love this camera. It has never let me down and the pictures I get from it are always technically perfect. But it has one major disadvantage compared to other cameras: I can’t transfer photos to my computer. In fact, I can’t get them out anywhere. The reason?

It’s simple, and you must have already guessed why. If not, here’s the truth. That camera of a lifetime is not of the gear world of bodies, shutters etc.

It is my eye.

Even when I don’t have any camera with me I can still see photographically and capture those potential photos. Actually, they are not very much potential if you saw them. It’s just that you can’t show them to anybody. But this doesn’t bother me much because the photos I made with my eyes left some impact on my vision, and hopefully made me a better photographer.

So I’m actually very glad I can take pictures with my eyes. The only thing that upsets me is that I tend to forget those great shots.