Photo life

Visual overload

I don’t feel the energy to take pictures. Or is it laziness? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and never could nail it. I love photography, I want to shoot or rather I would like to do it but instead I’m just doing other things. Podcasting, streaming, board gaming, reading etc but […]

35mm Photo life

Time wasted

I waste a lot of time doing things I shouldn’t be doing at the moment or at all. It may not be true for everyone but it is for me. With so many things happening in life it’s almost a crime to waste time. Yet I find myself doing exactly that more often than I’d […]

35mm Film

How moving to a place with no film supplies made me a better film photographer

Today, April 30, is exactly 4 years since I moved to Israel from Russia. It was a great decision and a huge change both to my life and my photography.