Street Frames

One of my new year resolutions this year was to start printing my photos and I’ve done it as described here.

But somewhere in the back of my mind, there was an ambition to make a photo book. And today, after long hours (and days) of selecting, reviewing and putting everything together I’m proud to present the resulting book called “Street Frames”.

It is a collection of my favourite street photos I’ve made since I picked up my first film camera back in 2012. The project I was talking about in my article on Emulsive has also made its way into the book.

Following some good advice from my fellow blogger Yuri, I’m going to use the printed copy as my portfolio and maybe will be able to organize a small exhibition here in my area. For anyone who may also be interested in the book, it’s available through Blurb both in print and PDF.

It’s over, Kodak.

On Judgement Day (Yom Kippur). Olympus 35DC


Well, this is it. My 100 ft roll of Kodak Tri-X is over.

As it was my first time rolling film myself I wanted to write down some points for the future based on the experience.

  • always remember to put the cassette case on the spool before starting rolling
  • use good tape when fixing film on the spool or it would break loose inside the camera on the last frame
  • always remember to mark your finished rolls somehow so you can’t accidentally shoot it twice
  • if fail to do that (marking), you risk developing a clean roll of film
  • Kodak Tri-X curls as hell

Those are true lessons learned hard way but on the other hand, it was really fun to use Tri-X as you have probably seen here or here. With that said, I’m not rushing to buy another 100 ft roll of any film. Why?

While I was shooting my hand-rolled stock I saw lots of cool films people shoot with and wanted to try them as well. Being kind of bound by the film stock I had I didn’t feel right to buy more, considering the shipment prices and all.

Now when it’s over I want to take a break and try some other stuff and the first batch has already arrived from FilmPhotographyPodcast store (yay!). Hope to share the results from their films soon.


Black and white with yellow

Disclaimer: this post is by no means an advertisement but my personal opinion based on the experience.

Nikon F3, Kodak Tri-X 400

This year despite all the challenges and issues I have with my photography, I’ve nevertheless made an important step forward by printing my work. I don’t mean doing it at home, it’s still very unlikely, but I started ordering prints at labs.

First I decided to go with my local photo lab because it’s close and fast. The lab is nothing special to be honest, one big printing machine, photos are done in ten to twenty minutes. No film printing, no manual stuff, nothing. While I was printing my family photos I could tolerate the quality untilĀ one day I ordered a bunch of black and white shots from a trip I had. Those were scans of my Kodak Tri-X 400 film rolls and there was no way any colour except for black and white could get through. Alas, when I got them back I saw a yellow tint here and there and then I decided I’d had enough.

Black and white should be printed with black ink and not with a mixture of all inks imitating black. That’s why I turned to a company I had received some test prints from just before this unfortunate story. The company is called WHCC and many of you, especially those from the USA, may know it.

Should I say the quality is miles away from my local lab? I specifically checked if they use black ink and then there was this nice matte paper they recommend for b&w prints. The pictures took their time to get to me, and this is my main concern but it has nothing to do with the company. Israeli post service has never been famous for their speed anyway.

Ordering prints from America to Israel is crazy, right? But I’m ok with crazy. There is a couple of labs in Tel Aviv that offer even printing from film, and maybe someday I’ll give them a try but in the meanwhile, I’ll stick with the guys from WHCC.

Have you ever printed your work there? And what is your experience with them?